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2014 – Autumn Exhibition activities

Talking Science will be supporting clients at exhibitions & conferences around the world. In microscopy, there is IMC 2014 in Prague. Then, it will be the world of photonics with the Photonex annual event in Coventry. Finally, it is off to the US and the excellent MRS Fall meeting with a sell-out instrumentation exhibition supporting a comprehensive technical conference.

Users of microscopy have the final European microscopy event in the calendar, the 18th International Microscopy Congress which this year is being held in Prague.

Linkam’s autumn exhibition

See world leading temperature stage manufacturers, Linkam Scientific, in Prague in September for the international meeting, IMC 2014. Linkam will be showcasing their CLEM stage for correlative microscopy. The CMS196 the CMS196 was designed specifically to solve the problem of how to get vitrified EM grids from the fluorescent microscope into the cryo TEM without devitrification and contamination through condensation.

The 18th International Microscopy Congress is being held in picturesque Prague in the Czech Republic from the 7th to 12th September. This will probably be the most comprehensive display of microscopy and imaging technology of the year.

Delmic in Prague

Delmic in PragueNew products will be on show in Prague from Dutch technology company, Delmic B.V. DELMIC products are focused on high performance, user friendly, integrated, solutions. The company has two product lines: The SECOM platform for correlative fluorescence and electron microscopy, primarily used in the life sciences. Delmic in PragueThe SPARC system for high-performance cathodoluminescence detection, primarily used in nanophotonics. Meet CEO Sander den Hoedt and his team and learn about the latest developments in correlative microscopy

XEI will be in Prague too… and Boston for MRS

With new patent and product news, XEI will be back in Europe going to Prague for IMC with a full exhibition in support of their European distributor team. Come and learn about plasma cleaning of vacuum chambers and samples. Learn about their new OEM system, the Evactron® ES which they will launch at M&M in August and then hear about the Evactron® EP – a new approach to plasma cleaning for physicists building their own vacuum chambers which require the removal of contaminating hydrocarbons. The EP launches at the Baltimore AVS meeting in November and will be shown again in Boston at the MRS event.

Big news from JPK Instruments

JPK InstrumentsLeading German nanotechnology company, JPK Instruments, manufacturers of SPMs, force robotic and optical tweezers systems since the mid 1990s, have now completed the launch of their comprehensive product range to the US market. Having taken part in the MRS Materials Research Congress in Cancun in August, JPK will make their main meeting debut at the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston. They will be working with US resellers, Ragona Scientific and Darcy Micro, hosting workshops across the continent. These start in Chicago in December.

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