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Summer 2016 sees the four-yearly European Microscopy Congress meeting held in Lyon.

And Talking Science clients are out in force with seven attending the meeting in one way or another. Read what they will be doing below.

Deben produce a range of advanced microscopy accessories notably in the field of scanning electron microscopes. Meet sales & marketing director, Paul Gadsby to learn the latest on in situ stages and µX-ray CT systems


World leaders in temperature controlled microscopy stages will be launching new products for applications in both the materials and life sciences. Meet Duncan Stacey and technical team to discuss your needs for temperature control for your microscope.


Oxford Nanoimaging will be demonstrating the Nanoimager, a single-molecule fluorescence microscope. It can detect biomolecules such as protein markers for disease or pathogenic bacteria and viruses at single copy numbers, using fluorescence labeling. For the first time, this capability is possible on the desktop. Come and learn more from Ben Owen and his development team.


JPK will be in Lyon showing their NanoWizard® family of AFM products along with the NanoTracker Optical Tweezers system. Making force measurements is one of JPK’s leading applications strengths. Come and learn about their approaches to single molecule force spectroscopy and more. Talk with Ben Holmes and his team.


Market and technology leaders in electron microscopy coating and cryogenic preparation equipment, Quorum will be bringing their new GloQube®, an easy to use glow discharge system used for the hydrophilisation of TEM grid support films. Mike Wombwell and his colleagues will be present to discuss your experimental needs.


Renishaw is a recognised leader in Raman spectroscopy. They will be showing their inVia confocal Raman microscope; there will be information on chemical analysis with their SEM-SCA system; also pharmaceutical applications for transmission Raman studies. Meet with David Reece, Renishaw’s Business Development & Marketing Manager, along Renishaw’s experienced sales and applications team.


XEI is the recognized leader in downstream plasma cleaning. The Evactron® Plasma De-Contaminator™ is an RF plasma cleaner that reduces hydrocarbon contamination in vacuum chambers improving electron microscope imaging and analytical performance. Discuss your cleaning needs with Dan Kleinen and his applications colleagues.


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