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Analytik announces the UK & Irish release of ASD’s FieldSpec 4 portable spectroradiometer line.

Cambridge, UK, 8th February 2012: Analytik, leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation to the UK and Ireland, is pleased to announce the release of the FieldSpec 4 line of portable, full-range spectroradiometers from ASD Inc., the global leader in portable high-performance analytical instrumentation and materials analysis solutions. With this launch, ASD is continuing its tradition of setting industry standards for ground truthing and remote sensing measurement technologies.

The field collection of radiometric and reflectance spectra of intact materials (often referred to as ground truth data collection) is essential for interpreting unknown materials in multi-spectral and hyperspectral remote sensing data, and validating sensor performance. Since sample removal for lab study often destroys the sample’s surface properties, and because lab study is impractical for many large natural surfaces, researchers need a reliable field device capable of providing laboratory-quality, field measurements with illumination and viewing geometry equivalent to a satellite or aircraft sensor.

The FieldSpec 4 line has been designed for faster, more precise spectral data collection. The powerful FieldSpec 4 line of full-range (350-2500 nm) spectroradiometers provides researchers concerned with speed, the ability to cover more ground faster while enjoying the same high data quality. Ultimately, FieldSpec users can cover twice the area in a half of the time thanks to the improvements in the SWIR 1 and 2 regions (1000-2500 nm). For applications requiring the highest possible precision, the new spectrometer configuration provides double the signal-to-noise performance. This results in much more precise spectral data with no increase in measurement time. Researchers who are looking at materials with features at the longer wavelengths will especially benefit from these improvements.

The line consists of three models, the FieldSpec 4 Standard-Res, a general purpose remote sensing spectroradiometer suitable for a wide range of applications including hyperspectral image interpretation and validation. The FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res is well-suited to geologic and other applications that require definition of narrow spectral features, especially in the longer wavelengths. The FieldSpec 4 Wide-Res model is perfect for multispectral and other areas of research involving materials with broad spectral features such as plant physiology.

“The main improvements to the FieldSpec 4 are the speed of spectrum capture as well as the enhanced quality of the collected spectra,” said Dr. Brian Curtiss, CTO for ASD. “Performing reflectance measurements in support of remote sensing studies requires waiting for the best solar conditions, which often limits the time available to make quality measurements. The FieldSpec 4 increases researchers’ ability to move from site to site more quickly, and make more measurements while also improving the quality of the spectra captured in the field. ASD pioneered the use of portable spectroscopic technology in remote sensing more than 20 years ago with the invention of the first robust, high-performance, portable instrument that could be used in earth science field work.”

For more information about ASD’s instruments for remote sensing and ground truthing, visit: Cambridge-based Analytik are the sole UK and Ireland distributors of ASD’s family of spectroscopy products. To learn more about the full range and their applications, visit:

The new FieldSpec 4 family of portable spectroradiometers from ASD

The new FieldSpec 4 family of portable spectroradiometers from ASD.

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Analytik are leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation to the UK and Ireland. Cutting-edge solutions from global technology providers, coupled with responsive service and flexibility has enabled Analytik to build an impressive customer base since forming in 2003. Analytik’s partners include ASD Inc, DeltaNu, Ocean Optics, CAMO, CPS Instruments and Videometer. Solutions include portable and handheld spectrometers (NIR, FTIR, Raman), spectral imaging systems, light measurement systems and nanoparticle size analysers.

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