Business Analysis

Sometimes, it is important for some self-analysis. We all need to look at, question how we perform. Companies cannot afford to continue blindly without thinking about what is going on around them. Perhaps this is looking at external forces? Is there a new competitor? Are there new regulatory procedures that apply to them? Are markets growing…or shrinking? Or are there internal issues? Have we the right development program? Can we handle all these projects? Are we providing the right training to meet changing needs? Do we have measurable plans in place? Do we regularly review performance of the company as a whole and individuals in their respective roles?

Talking Science has provided in depth analysis for companies prepared to take this step of self-analysis to help them plan and move forward.

Examples of common changes made include

  • the use of customized CRMs (customer relationship management systems)  – ensuring buy-in throughout the organisation
  • changing sales channels and methods of distribution
  • providing planning tools for product management
  • introducing a style guide for consistency in branding
  • instigating staff training programs
  • running market research programs to help provide direction
 Example of press release email analysis using Swiftpage®