Exhibition Services

Going to an exhibition should never be a chore. Selected and prepared for carefully can be an excellent means of getting qualified prospects to generate new business. Talking Science has been attending exhibitions as exhibitor, salesman, marketing manager and visitor since the late 1970s. The basics have not changed but not all companies take the time or make the effort to get a good return on investment.

Pittcon® – the largest US exhibition

Plan ahead – decide on your message and look at all the different tools you can use to get this across?

What can the exhibit organisers do to help you? Do they have a media resource? Do they provide free tickets? What publicity are they using? Could you get extra free publicity working with the organisers?

What about the location of the exhibition? Do you have customers within a couple of hours travel? Tell them you will be there? Tell them what you will show or demonstrate? Invite them to come and meet your team in person? Offer them an incentive to attend? If you get just ten or twenty meetings like this each day, how long would take your sales team to achieve the same away from the exhibition?

Analytica – Europe and possibly now the world’s largest scientific instrumentation exhibition.

Use your PR, direct marketing and eNewsletters tools to maximize your return on what is a large investment in terms of both time and money.

Ask Talking Science to help you improve your company’s next exhibition experience. It is never too early to plan your next exhibition, conference or event.