Pro Tem Marketing

New companies in science and technology are frequently founded by scientific folks with incredible technical skills. As they gain funding and start on their road to enter markets and to grow sales, there are choices as to how they may staff their organisation.

Marketing is an area where there are choices. There are also the questions of whether there is a budget for an experienced marketing manager or “can we do it ourselves?” After all, don’t we know the market? We know folks want our products….

The solution is to use the services of Talking Science. With the experience of holding senior marketing positions for large corporations such as Du Pont, Thermo Electron and Veeco, Talking Science staff can bring their experience and advice to drive marketing programs to suit the small company. With two or three days per month, companies may punch above their weight and grow successfully with this pro tem approach.


In the ideal world, if the program is successful, we will put ourselves out of work as the company grows to a size where they may build their own marketing department. However, experience has shown that Talking Science is often retained to offer guidance and be the “eyes and ears” of the company providing feedback to the management team. This is particularly effective when educating new markets to accept new technology.

Ask Talking Sciences how this might benefit your company today.